FOH Mixing:

Simon is an accomplished FOH engineer. He is experienced in rock, pop, classical, dub, reggae, jazz, folk, hip hop and bhangra. He is very at home with advanced mixing techniques such as parallel compression, phase alignment, subtractive EQ, time alignment of sources, space modelling of reverbs and "dub effects".

Artists that Simon has mixed FOH for include David Gilmour, Chris Difford,  Soul II Soul, Gary Kemp,  Suggs and er... Right Said Fred.

Simon has a wide range of equipment that he can bring along on events, from a well specified effects rack, to mixing consoles, a wide range of microphones and even FOH PA systems of virtually any size.

Monitor Engineering:

Simon is an extremely experienced monitor engineer, well versed with wedges and side fills or IEMs.

Artists that have enjoyed Simon's monitor services include Soul II Soul (global touring with 19 piece band, IEMs and wedges), Chris Difford,  Ed Harcourt, H.I.M, The (Beautiful) South, Dexys, Michael Monroe, Gun, Ozric Tentacles, Dreadzone and too many more to count.

Systems Engineering:

Simon has been specifying, designing, flying, installing and operating complex sound systems for many, many years now.

He is currently in charge of teaching, training and tech support for D.A.S. products in the UK. In addition to this though, Simon is well versed with D&B Audiotechnik C/Q/Y/V/J and has had many years experience flying Nexo Alpha, Turbosound Flashlight, Noise Control Audio Ifly, EAW KF850, Martin W8C, EV XLC, XLE, X-Line and X-Array.

Simon has won several awards for his system engineering including 2013 European Drum and Bass Arena of the year (The Moat at Outlook Festival) and 2015 Ministry Festival Awards, Best Sounding stage at Glastonbury Festival - The Temple stage, in The Common.

Simon has many qualifications such as Advanced System Designer from Meyer Sound and many other manufacturer certifications from D&B, EAW and whilst he holds no qualification from D.A.S, he wrote and delivers their training program in the UK.